Friday, January 18, 2013

That time I made Chicken Satay

Satay My Way

Note: This is from 2006, and I originally stated that it was my first time cooking chicken. That can't be right, can it?

You won't be needing bamboo skewers where you're going. This was my first attempt at cooking chicken. I cooked it with no one in the house. All I had to go on was myth, heresay, and what I have heard from people who actually know how to cook. The best I was hoping for was the greatest thing I've ever eaten. The worst I feared was a ragging grease fire and salmonella poisoning. The result was something inbetween.

My marinade consisted of 1 cup of plain yogurt, a teaspon each of garlic and ginger, and a table spoon of turmeric. I felt no need to skewer my satay, as I find it easier to eat and they were not necessary for cooking. I learned that larger pieces were unwieldy in the pan and that you can kill a wok if you don't use enough oil (as my mom pointed out when she came in towards the end of the operation). Overall it was okay. Good for a first attempt. It was a bit bland, but I picked the simplest marinade I could find. My marination technique was somewhat unrefined, but it got the job done. The darker pieces got a 30 minute marinade bath while the lighter ones sat with a brush of marinade for about 15 minutes.

My main problem is that I don't think about obtaining food until I'm hungry, so cooking my own meat just adds to the wait for food. I probably would have been done sooner, but I was really paranoid about salmonella. But it was okay. I washed it down with Rolling Rock. If you're going to buy your beer in the supermarket, go for the cheap stuff. Otherwise your better off going to a distributor. Rolling Rock is far better than any of the popular Dutch beers. And the Yodels didn't hurt either.

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